Book# 1-Origins:

  3,000 years ago a space craft crash lands in the Egyptian Desert and Covered in a Pyramid By a Pharaoh. It is buried in a Sandstorm . Lost to time

  In near times United States is broken up by Civil War. Reunified. Then...

Retired General John Steward rediscovers the ship buried for thousands of years and takes it to space and meets our neighbors in galaxy and forms United States Alliance that brings peace and trade to a number of galaxies......... but  some neighbors want war. find out what happens. In the tradition of Classic sci-fi but on a much  larger scale. -Updating and Preparing for Publication   Drafts for Sale. See contact page. 

Book# 2- "Mayday Mars":

 Set a few years after book#1, Admiral John Steward is called home for a family emergency. While on way back to Earth, Mars faces a emergency of planet destroying size. Our Solar system will never look the Same again. Meet old Friends and Past enemies. In the tradition of Classic sci-fi but on a larger Scale. - In process of writing coming soon.

Book #3- "4ES":

 During Tyroon War covered by Book#1 and before book#2, Captain Samuel Adams Commands Station 4ES. He and his crew convert thier Terra-forming station into a large rescue ship and flee the Tyroon fleets, to make it back to United States Alliance Space. Adams and crew fight to stay alive.  In the tradition of Classic sci-fi but on a much larger scale

In process of writing.

More to Come.........

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